Knitty Spring

The newest Knitty (Sping edition) is up! Go check it out.

As with most Knitty editions, this one contains some things I’ll never knit, but enough things that peak my interest. Right now, I’m finding myself oddly attracted to several of the sock patterns. I guess my “I’m not a sock knitter” phase is nearly over (as soon as I actually start knitting a sock I’ll declare it ‘officially’ over).

I’m very glad that there’s a online magazine that is actively encouraging new knit-designers, while offering all patterns for free, which (I’m sure) also encourges knitters of all skills to try new things. The articles are also really good, for everything from how-to tutorials on dying with Kool-Aid to amusing anecdotes that give me something to read at work. Regardless of however many patterns I might not like/want to knit at this point, I may change my mind in the future (as with socks), and there’s alwasy a ton of other patterns just waiting for me. Thanks, Knitty!



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3 responses to “Knitty Spring

  1. Right there with you–I LOVE Knitty. I’ve made a couple of things off there and loved them. Like you, I find myself sort of scratching my head at some of them…but those cabled knee socks….my, my. I can feel my inner knitter already tugging at my elbow to start on those!

  2. Em

    Oh yes, those knee-highs are really calling out to me, too! Not that I need another cabled knee-high project right now, but maybe after the Bayerishe these ones will go by in a snap! I can’t wait to see which of the new Knitty patterns you get to first.

  3. It’s hard to force myself until summer break to begin the cabled socks, but I’ve got my heart set on making them with the blood orange yarn I preordered from Mama E, so hopefully that doesn’t show up in the mailbox too far in advance of the end of the semester, otherwise I may not be able to hold back. I’m already beginning to fantasize about how these socks will change my life.

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