100+ views!

Whee! More than 100 views of my little blog already!

Ok, so I admit that maybe I’m a little too enthralled with the “stats” counter-tracker thingy. I mean, it could just be a bunch of people accidentially getting here thinking “Oh thank the gods, not another knitblog!” and then being disillusioned by that fact that this really is just another knitblog, and one without pictures at that*. But perhaps, just maybe, there are people who are acually taking some amusement in my little ramblings.

So hi there, 100+ viewers (or >100 viewers who’ve come here more than once). It’s nice to see you here!

*We may have found a way around the broken camera! Pictures may actually be forthcoming if The Dru can get the camera, which will power up if plugged intothe usb port, to be ruled by the computer, thereby taking photos directly. We shall see…


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One response to “100+ views!

  1. How many times have you posted. . . about six? So only six of that hundred were me. ;)

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