SP10 is on!

I was just about to write a sad and whiney post about my fears of not actually being accepted into SP10, but in a flash of brillance I checked my email once more, and I’m in! Yay!

Soon I will be able to stalk research my own secret pal’s likes/dislikes, and start planning the treatbox! This is going ot be fun.



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3 responses to “SP10 is on!

  1. I signed up a week ago, prior to the 02/28 deadline (with SP10) and haven’t heard anything… I sure hope I’m in as well. When did you sign up? I emailed them asking if there was anything else I needed to do.. I’m hoping I hear something from them soon.

  2. Em

    I only signed up a few days before the deadline (maybe Feb 26th?); it could be that they were just swamped with last-minuters like us and are just taking a few days to get everything all squared away. Keep hope!

  3. Hi, Em–

    Thanks so much for stopping by my place! I’m glad you slipped under the wire into the SP10. Can’t wait to see what you make!

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