Blogosphere in Retrograde

I had a perfectly fine, well composed complete post all written and submitted earlier this morning. Yes, strange stuff was happening, like it came up as being posted yesterday, but now it has mysteriously vanished entirely! I know I’m already running the risk of being the World’s Most Boring Knitblog since I don’t have pretty pictures*, and now this! Grrrr. ED: It came back! I must still be figuring out this whole WordPress thing. But yay!

In the vein of rants, then, since I don’t feel like completely re-writing the now-vanished-into-the-ether post, ED: since it’s been on my mind, I will direct my attention to the asshattery that seems to be appearing out inthe Land of Knitblogs. Cara of January One has been flamed in her own comments, Norma (who Now…Knits) has a relative underhandedly disapproving of her writings, and even the venerable Stephanie, the Yarn Harlot Herself, has had someone emailing her with “corrections” of her spelling! I don’t really know what more can be said about this other than it should Stop.Now.Please. so that I can go back to reading the uplifting and enjoyable writings of other poeple who just like to knit.

* Is it a bad sign that I saw a commercial for Dove shampoo offering a free el-cheapo digicam (“How will your daugher define beautiful?”) and, despite being %100 organic with my shower products for about 2 years now, I concidered going to the drugstore?


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  1. shewhomeasures

    I am completely boggled by the flames which based on remarks I’ve seen in several blogs relating to insults, ignorance and, as you say, general “asshattery” in comments and emails seem to almost go with the territory… Why, if one is annoyed or unimpressed with some other’s blog, would one flame them? Or invest the time in writing insulting emails? If you don’t like what you’re reading, then stop reading! Why on earth would anyone waste time every day visiting a site that apparently makes them angry? What does anyone gain from insulting a complete stranger? I simply don’t understand.

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