TYLTW Challenge

Ok folks, I’m trying something out and it’s turning out to be far, far more difficult than I’d ever thought.

The idea is that I’ll actually take my lunch to work, every day. Last week was a success, of a sort, but Thursday was a bit of a cheat since the lovely girls here at work sent me home. (Those who read my LJ may recall that Thurs. was the day after Dru’s palsy diagnosis, thus I was both worried and terribly under-slept.) Anyways, if I hadn’t come home before lunch I would have bought it, so I don’t think that completely counts.

So I’m taking up the challenge again this week. Already it’s been a struggle, and not just in having the wherewithall to pack something beforehand or grab last night’s leftovers in the morning. There are some really nice and considerate women along the corridor who keep asking me to come with them for Korean, or Sushi, or whatever. Even Dru, who reaps the financial rewards of this plan as much as I do, has offered to meet me for lunch out! Now I’m thinking, maybe I need more of a motivator to stick with it other than “I really should” — say, perhaps, a bit of competition/commiseration?*

Do you think you have the strength of will needed for the Take Your Lunch To Work Challenge? 5 days of work, 5 lunches prepared, 0 food** bought at work. As simple, and as hard, as that. Who’s with me?

* Prizes may not be beyond the realm of possibility.
** Drinks, I suppose, don’t count. I’m pretty sure that the coffee addicts need this clause.***
*** Donuts, however, are debatable: perhaps there should be bonus points for taking all snacks too?


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