FO: Two-at-once Toe-Up Socks

This would be where I show you all sorts of pretty pictures of my new pair of socks. Alas for my lack of camera. In lieu of pictures, you’re just going to have to take it from me that the socks — both of them! — are finished.

The fact that I have two socks finished is most definitely the very best part of this whole thing. Hooray for no chance of catching Second Sock Syndrome! I found the Magic Loop method to be really easy once I got the swing of it, and it was certainly fun to watch the various facial expressions of friends and passers-by as they tried to figure out just what I was doing with the wonky knitting needle and two balls of yarn.

Oh yeah, how the socks were knit: I used the “figure 8 cast-on” toe-up method, and was knitting two socks at the same time, side-by-side: I have yet to fully grok the double-knitting, one-inside-the-other method (and since JenLa dubbed this style “Tobasco Douche” socks, I’m not really in a hurry to learn it, either). As for the rest of the sock, I just knit ’till it seemed like I should do the next thing: double-increase tow cap, St. st. foot, short-row heel, a whole lot of 2×2 ribbing, and about an inch of 1×1 ribbing at the top. I cast off using a new method I’ve been reading about lately (p1, p2tog, *pass st. back to L. needle, P2tog* to end) and am quite pleased with its stretchiness.

The second fact, that the yarn was of the self-patterning variety, was the second-best part of the project. (I also have lots left over, but probably not enough for another pair of socks.) Watching the sock look extra-spiffy with no expended effort on my behalf almost justifies the price of self-patterning sock yarn. I’ll most likely splurge on pattern yarns again, but not for a while.

Finally, now that I have learned a method of knitting socks two-at-once, and have a finished pair of my own, I think I may be over my “I don’t knit socks” thing. Sock knitting is pretty good for a small, portable project, and knit socks are pretty darned comfy (I put mine on as soon as I’d cast off!). As soon as more sock yarn comes my way, I’ll be casting on another pair — two at once! — of socks for travel knitting.

Question: anyone know of different ways to turn a heel going toe-up?



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3 responses to “FO: Two-at-once Toe-Up Socks

  1. shewhomeasures

    Do you know the hourglass-shaped thingie? Short rows but no heel flap and no picking up stitches. It works for toes too, and it doesn’t matter which end you start from, it’s always the same. Start with about half your stitches, work down to around 20% and then work back up. I can send more complete instructions if you don’t already have ’em.

    It’s neat for patterning too, because the pattern just automatically works its way around the heel, you really don’t even have to think about it. They don’t grab the ankles as snugly as the heel flap-and-gusset kind – but then I’ve mentioned that I knit enormous floppy socks in heavy yarn, which is surely a contributing factor!

  2. Hey there! Can’t help on the heel (woops, I just typoed “hell” TWICE, wonder what that means. . . ) as I’m assuming you want something other than the wretched short row. Bane of my toe-up existence, not for lack of ease (ease, it’s got) but for the crappy fit.

    That may be the worst pair of sentences I’ve ever written. Anybody know an editor who works on the barter system?

    I can’t tell you how excited I am that you’re making the Gatsby Girl; seeing my real-life friend in that sweater is going to make me really, really happy.

  3. Em

    Laura: yep, that short-row heel thingy is what I did. I really like the way that it worked, visually, with the self-patterning yarn, but I am not loving the fit, not one bit. Also, I worry that if I were making Drusocks that the lack of reinforced heelflap would lead to dead socks real quick. (Come to think on it, perhaps I should find a reinforced toe cap, too…)

    Jodi: I could definitly be an barter-trade editor, if your definition of “editor” can align with “MA in English” and not an actual professional. Then again, a professional most likely gets the cash, and needs not barter. “Will read for food”, however, may not gather me the business I seek…

    I’m glad you’re pleased that I’m working on GG — it’s not done yet, so you have time to change your mind once you see the finished product ;) One sleeve down, one more to go.

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