I do knit, really…

I’d show you what I’m knitting right now, but sadly my pathetic little digicam seems ot have conked out on me. At first I thought it just needed new batteries, but once I’d replaced the old ones and the thing still wouldn’t power on, I got suspicious. That, and the disconcerting rattling noise coming from within. Still, I haven’t given up hope: if I can just find the USB cable somewhere within the Office of Doom then I can plug the thing in; if it powers up, I know it can be fixed; if it doens’t, then I need to start saving my pennies. Because a knitblog without pictures is like a sundae without hot fudge: incomplete (tasty, but still incomplete).

So to prove that I do, in fact, knit, I give you a past project: the Shetland Circular Shawl from Meg Swanson’s “A Gathering of Lace”.

Shetland Circular
(click for full-size image)

I fell in love with this pattern while I was browsing though books at Chapters. Dru sweetly gave it to me two Xmases ago, and I knit it up about this time last year. It took me about 3 months to finish, and I loved every bit of it. The yarn is an amazing 100% merino lacewight, hand-dyed by Lisa Souza Dyeworks. Serously, the photo comes nowhere near to doing the colours justice! My sole complaint with this project is that during this past summer’s humididty the poor thing has lost all it’s shape, and I’ve just been too damn lazy to re-block it since. Nonetheless, I love this project so much I will probably knit another one someday. So see, I do knit!

I also added a “Projects” page (see sidebar) to keep track of what I may be working on in the present time. Right now it’s just the knitting that I’m actually working on (no “UFOs” or the random bits of knitting that I pick up just to play with some yarn). In the future I may extend it further, and other crafts might apper here too.


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  1. bonniezink

    Very pretty shawl!

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